"Both my boys have experienced the academies, 121's and football camps at DUGOUT and have absolutely loved every second of all of them. The staff are fun, friendly, professional and have a great knowledge of football. The boys get excited waiting for their next DUGOUT experience."


"My son first started with DUGOUT around 2 years ago after just recovering from a broken ankle. After working on aspects of his game especially shooting and speed work he has just had the best season he's had in 6 years scoring 112 goals in the NYL league and finishing second top scorer in the RFUL league. I have to give lots of credit to DUGOUT for the work they have done with him. See you at his next session!


"I've worked with DUGOUT for a couple of years now. Their 121's with my son are very technical and really push him to the next level. DUGOUT also take some of the sessions for my team where they create a very professional environment and give the lads the challenge they need while also having fun.

"There wasn't much in the area in terms of 1 to 1 football training which is where DUGOUT filled that gap for me. The off season is tough at the best of times but this gave me the chance to get in some top quality training with and without the ball whilst enjoying a break from the game. The sessions were always high quality which stood me in good stead heading back in for pre season at my club. The best around in my personal opinion!